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Phyllis Ursetta of Integrity Realty addresses that subject matter. 25 Starbucks cards and gets her contact information sent to the 6,600 people on our contact list. We also list her contact information on our blog (10,199 appointments for the first six months of 2011) and on our blog at Active Rain, a genuine estate blog with an increase of than 210,000 people.

Here’s the answer: There probably won’t be a change to the stricter suggestions that are in place for conventional loans for a long time, especially for investment properties. Investment properties have a significantly higher foreclosure rate than primary residences. Fannie Mae actually only takes a 15% deposit for investment properties, however they also require mortgage insurance for any loan that is higher than 80% of the worthiness (or sales price) of the property.

The problem is that the home loan insurance companies won’t insure investment properties, so the final result is that you’ll require 20% down. If a loan has home-loan insurance and that the loan goes into foreclosure, then your mortgage insurance company has to write the to the lender. The mortgage insurance firms are dropping millions of dollars right plus they haven’t any desire to reduce more now, so they have all said they will not guarantee investment property loans.

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