Cheryl Lynch Quilts

I am so in love with riding my bike right now. The weather has been co-operative and I have put quilting on the back burner to make additional time to be on my bike. This certainly happened to me a few years ago. It’s difficult to find an equilibrium when the 2 2 things that you like to do on pretty contrary ends of the range. I made a little quilt to depict my dilemma. It had been called by me Crossroads.

It actions 24″ x 24″. I used lots of my hand dyed fabric and did a lot of hand stitching. I then felt, the same way that Personally I think now. Balancing quilting with the joy of being on my bike is a challenge. I won’t ride when it is raining or if the temperature are below 40 levels.

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Then there’s always the concern about car traffic on the highways. I try to be smart about when and where I ride. So I make an effort to seize every opportunity. I own 4 bikes. One of these is a folding bike which resides in Key West. I collapse it up by the end of our stay there and store it in the owner’s closet. For 2 a few months, I ride it all on the island, with Bailey in her container that hangs on the handlebar usually.

I do not get get when driving of our car the entire time we’re there. It’s a good thing my hubby will all the grocery shopping. In PA I have a hybrid bicycle that I take advantage of for using with Bailey, only places where there are no mechanized vehicles allowed. I alsohave a carbon fiber, high-performance road bicycle that I “graduated to” in my previous incarnation as a crazy, obsessed cyclist. Then I have my beautified road bike that I ride most of the time now.

The bicycle used to be always a white Bianchi. I researched high and low and may not find a fairly bike at that time. The manufacturers weren’t catering to women. I really needed a fairly bike. Instead after riding it for about a year, I beautified it. It had been brought by me to a special shop that paints vehicles.

They coated it blue (my favorite color), added my stickers of 2 things which I loved (spirals and dragonflies) and sprayed clear coating on top. I called my bike “Dragonflyer”. Of course a place is needed by a girl on her bike for the essentials like a cell phone and camera, in addition to a storage handbag for those necessary tools and extra inner pipe.