Great Investment Opportunity! 1

Great Investment Opportunity!

I’m here today to provide you with a great investment opportunity in Quora credits, the revolutionary new money of Quora! Well if you are not, you’ll be because this is a great opportunity soon! To find out more about credits in general, see: New on Quora: Ideas for Ask to Answer and Credits as well as the Credits (discontinued Quora feature) topic. You’ll be buying me and my cleverness. For two weeks, I will use Quora at my regular rate, writing answers and question, earning votes for some of my answers, and votes for just about any answers compiled by people I ask-to-answer.

Additionally, I’ll receive updates for my old popular answers that continue to obtain updates, and for individuals requesting me to answer questions (my ask-to-answer rate hovers around 2500 – 3000 credits). Here’s how: You can purchase 1 share for 1 credit. You can buy as many stocks as you want.

The sale of the stocks will continue for 72 hours beginning with the time of the posting and closing at 17 Nov 2011, 14:30 Pacific. At that time, we’ll start the clock ticking for two weeks. At the final end of both weeks, you’ll earn 80% of the comeback predicated on any credits I earn during the two-week period.

  • Usually includes level advantage and level monthly payment
  • The length of the rent and landlord/tenant relationships
  • If you are buying a 2-4 device investment property, you will need 25% down
  • Like x 2
  • Control leakages
  • Materials handling equipment investment development will probably weaken and could switch negative
  • Feature: Great Strides With MEGA-Transect Chestnut
  • 16Peter Gumbel, “The Meltdown Goes Global,” Time, October 20, 2008

I currently hold around 94,000 credits, which I have been accumulating since the credits beta began in late July. I really do not bother spending these credits typically nor anticipate doing so during this investment period. I would have blurred them out. You must also add a comment to the post stating the number of shares you’ve bought! This is because each trader possibly dilutes the full total pool, so the true quantity of investors and total stocks exceptional must be made open public.

If you do not do this, I will not honor your investment (i.e. you can’t dilute the other investors secretly). Also, everyone theoretically has “anti-dilution privileges” since they can also devote more income to main their pro-rata. Investment starts now and will close at 17 Nov 2011, 14:30 Pacific.

I have changed the conditions of the investment, mainly because having no cover on the account (and Michael Wolfe’s all-in “investment”) normally makes this investment pointless. The new terms should be much more favorable. When you have already invested but don’t like the new terms, take note it in an answer below and I’ll return your investment. I’ve 134989 credits. I have 147045 credits. Sorry, I skipped the 14:30 time and checked late (it’s my daughter’s birthday) but this only means you all get higher returns anyway.

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