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The AIM program began in 2005 to provide applied experiences to aid the concepts taught in the class. Since that time over 200 undergraduate students have participated in the investment management program. Our alumni are available in leading investment companies throughout the country – and the world. As the first undergraduate partner with the CFA Institute, we take pride inside our students’ successful placements and our high CFA exam pass rates. In 2014 we added our second monitor: Private Equity & Banking.

1.6 billion of unwanted, leveraged buyout personal debt. December 17 – Bloomberg (Lisa Lee): “A number of the biggest purchasers of company loans are scaling back, and it’s harming the marketplace for buyout debt. Money managers that buy repackage and loans them into bonds have to scale back on their activity. Sales of the bundled loans, known as collateralized loan obligations, dropped 25% in the first half of December from the same period this past year, after falling 10% in November. The firms that concern CLOs buy about 50 % the loans made to junk-rated companies.

December 15 – NY Times (Matt Phillips): “Stocks? Not quite. Most years, financial marketplaces are a combined bag. A bad year for dangerous investments, like shares, might be considered a great one for safe wagers like government bonds. Or, if concerns about inflation are harming bond investments, goods like gold tend to do well.

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Not this season. For the very first time in decades, every major type of investment has fared badly, as the outlook for economic growth and corporate profits is dampened by rising trade interest and tensions rates. 180 million on loans made to an Asian hedge fund whose foreign-exchange wagers went awry, prompting board-level discussions and a business shakeup, according to a person briefed on the matter.

December 21 – Bloomberg (Daniel Flatley, Erik Wasson, Steven T. Dennis, and Laura Litvan): “Elements of the U.S. Saturday for the 3rd time this year after a bipartisan spending deal collapsed over President Donald Trump’s needs for more money to create a wall along the U.S.-Mexico boundary. 5 billion he desired for the wall. While discussions to solve the impasse are underway, it’s not clear whether parts of the government will remain shuttered for times or weeks.

December 18 – Bloomberg (David Lawder): “AMERICA and China are preparing to hold conferences in January to ‘record an agreement’ on trade, U.S. December 18 – Reuters (Susan Heavey): “U.S. December 18 – Bloomberg (Tom Schoenberg, Chris Dolmetsch, and Jennifer Epstein): “The U.S. Justice Department announced indictments accusing Chinese officials of coordinating a decade-long espionage marketing campaign to steal intellectual property and other data from a large number of companies, increasing tensions amid the trade war between the two countries.