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Happy Lunar Snake Year to you all! I have been like putting off running a blog, a lot merely cos my bf is hogging my pc on a regular basis and that it simply came again from BKK and it’s already like the ninth day of CNY lol. CNY was usual as ordinary. BKK on the 5th and went to queue for bak kwa from Lim Chee Guan the following day. I so stupid to want to go and queue for bak kwa and what not, why waste my time blah blah blah.

Ehhhhh, if my mother needs to provide this brand of bak kwa to my family members throughout CNY, and I as her daughter is willing to queue on her behalf, why the hell not? Lim Chee Guan and all the other manufacturers of bak kwa out there? I actually suppose this bak kwa wins palms down all the opposite manufacturers on the market.

I’ll nonetheless queue for this bak kwa every year if my schedule permits. I nonetheless went ahead with it. Jacelyn and Sinhui 2 days earlier than CNY eve after work! IPL at then met them for dinner at Genki Sushi at Orchard Central. Smoothie King at Centrepoint afterwards to just sit down and chill hahaha. Friday earlier than CNY eve my boss gave me and my colleague early dismissal here.

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I won this from her Christmas Giveaway. Tangs to gather my prize. I swear I’m addicted to Twelve Cupcakes. Change City Point near my workplace. I purchased this field of 3 as a result of I needed to try the Bailey’s Chocolate (1st cupcake) then determined to get some for my mother as well.

China Glaze It is a Trap-eze. OPI’s OPI Ink. Probably, one of many fullest designs I’ve carried out however with man. BF was with me your entire time and he was like proclaiming how much he cherished his tailored shirt from BKK hahaha. I do up my BKK travelogue sooooooooon. Agneselle for the 1st day. On CNY Day 2 we had lunch at my grandaunt’s home earlier than going to look at Ah Boys to Men II on the Cathay. Would you like to buy?

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