Selling Your Gold Jewelry, The Truth You Need To Know!

In today’s weakened economy, platinum is the ultimate insurance policy. The price of gold up is along the way, if you must sell your silver items there are a few things to consider in this often dishonest job. Fact is most pawn shops or jewelry stores can pay you anywhere from 30-50% of the true value of your gold and silver items. They have a physical bricks and mortar store front side and need the difference to show a profit so they can keep the doorways open. Many people who sell their yellow metal, silver, or platinum what to stores like they are leaving a complete great deal of much-needed money up for grabs.

In today’s economy, many families battle to pay the bills, at M and M Gold Exchange we pay you the most for your valuable metal items. Learn your items. White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Green Gold, and Black Hills Gold. Black Hills Gold is a special blend of all of the various types of silver.

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Prior, to beginning the testing process you will want to examine your items for makers marks or amount markings. Please, be aware, it is possible rather than uncommon to have mis-marked or even artificial yellow metal items. The testing process is the only way to look for the authenticity and true karat of your gold items. Additional markings on items range from initials, or even symbols.

This is up to each specific jeweler, online references are available to recognize makers marks. Some items might not have markings of any kind. Re-sizing, daily wear, home-made, and custom jewelry are some of the most typical reasons why markings may not be entirely on your items. To easily determine the value of your items, check out our user-friendly calculator or apps that may be entirely on our website at the link above.

Once you did your homework and found the buyer paying you the best percentage we can shape the dollar amount you are going to get paid in accordance with the weight of your items. Weight is another adjustable in the equation, some purchasers shall use a weight called pennyweight, or dimensional weight (dwt), they will be the same and converted to grams with a transformation factor of just one 1.55g to a pennyweight. The purity of your items is another variable in the formula. Expressed in karats Often, each karat symbolizes a mathematical percentage of precious metal content.

Common karats are: 9k(375), 10k(417), 14k(585), 18k(750), 22k(916), and 24k(9999). Simply put in a decimal point 2 places to the to get the percentage purity. 375 equals 37.5%, 417 equal 41.7%, 585 equal 58.5% and so on. That will provide you with the price per gram. Multiple the price per gram with how many grams your items to consider and you’ll have an approximate total for your items.

If you are thinking about gold or silver as an investment, please consider the following politics and economic facts as a basis for checking out our recommended gold and silver investments. They are able to illustrate the need for buying physical assets. Since the casing bubble collapse, the Federal Reserve has injected large amounts of liquidity known as quantitative easing into the banking system to the rescue too big to fail banking institutions. In three distinct installments, the Government Reserve has increased its balance sheet by two trillion dollars only. The United States government through programs such as Cash and TARP for Clunkers have increased our national debt by staggering amounts.