A Reunion Story Of Pastor Dr .Roy E Smith 1

A Reunion Story Of Pastor Dr .Roy E Smith

Pastor Dr. Roy E Smith, once called “Rev Robin Hood” now of Orlando Florida, has much to be thankful for. In 2006 he was delivered to a Federal Prison Camp for unknowingly signing off on documents that included false information in connection with several loans for his cathedral, The Church of Dominion Inc. positioned in Greensburg Pennsylvania.

The chapel used these loans to purchase a new facility, up a day care middle for single moms open, a community food bank, and K-12 Christian School for at risk children who have been failing in the public schools. Allegedly, a home loan broker in partnership with a minister consultant from Nigeria helped the cathedral and the pastor in obtaining the money by exaggerating statistics and possessions. “Furthermore, the cathedral was promised an offer by a business that didn’t enroll with the Department of Charitable Organizations, was considered nonexistent thus,” said a consultant from the cathedral.

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Nevertheless the Pastor was still left “holding the bag” as his last signature (combined with the table) was present and he made a decision to plead out in Federal Court. His family Fortunately, the church plank, and congregation supported him through the ordeal. “I was and still stay saddened at the pain caused to my members, friends, and those in the grouped community because of this of the situation that occurred.

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