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Torrents have grown to be incredibly popular for sharing files online, so that as networks continue steadily to grow for P2P document sharing, increasingly more people are tuning directly into this massive content posting system. Of course, there are inherent security dangers with any kind of file sharing. Most people have at least basic anti-malware software installed on the devices, which is actually helpful in testing files that may have infections saved in them somewhere.

However, this kind of software really doesn’t do anything to secure your real connection, it secures your device just. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and VPNs have answered the decision. VPNs – Virtual Private Networks-offer users a secure and private connection, along with global access to any content they want, regardless of their location.

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Not all VPNs are manufactured equal though, and if you’re frequently downloading and sharing torrent data files, you’re going to want a VPN that’s fast enough to get the job done. Here are the top five VPNs for torrents and P2P document sharing, and how they compare in terms of price and connection quality. EarthVPN is a great, simple way to protect your privacy online.

The connection is relatively fast – definitely fast enough for downloads – and the rates are a few of the lowest you’ll find. Although the software is easy and the website doesn’t seem like much to look at, this business offer loads of features and provide one of the better VPNs I’ve seen. EarthVPN gets the strongest 256-bit encryption available, so your connection is secure from hackers and snoops on open public systems.

You also get unlimited bandwidth, so there’s never any worry about striking a regular cover. The software works with all major os’s, and allows three simultaneous connections even, so you can use it on just about any device. The only real drawback? No talk live support. Okay, I am a huge lover of TunnelBear.

The prices are low, the program is great, and let’s face it, the TunnelBear marketing gimmick is downright adorable. These guys really learn how to sell something, and their product rocks! All the same. TunnelBear’s encryption is hard stuff-256-bit and military quality, with settings in the software that you can use to improve your connection for rate versus security.

While TunnelBear is not appropriate for Linux, it works on almost everything else-Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.What I really like about TunnelBear is how easy it is by using. There is no manual connection settings no compressed data files to mess with. It’s a straightforward download and install process. To top everything off, they even provide a free version to consider for a spin before you sign up for a service plan. Where HideMyAss really shines is its server network.

Often, the rate of your connection really can be influenced by the number of servers a VPN has. Few and there’s not enough bandwidth to bypass Too, not enough locations and you may have a hard time establishing a trusted connection. However, with servers in 190 countries, HideMyAss has one of the biggest networks in the global world.

With HideMyAss you get software that is compatible with almost every operating system but Linux. You can also use their software concurrently on up to two devices. The customer support too is really comprehensive, with 24/7 help on their live chat, phone, and e-mail support lines. With unlimited bandwidth and a 30-day, money-back warranty, there’s not much to lose by giving these guys a go. IPVanish is another great VPN to try, with unlimited bandwidth and up to two simultaneous connections under one account.