Color analysis finds the colors that complements your skin firmness, eye and hair colors. By wearing these colors, you are guaranteed to look fabulous. But looking fabulous is not limited by wearing the right colors in your clothes and accessories – you need to choose the right makeup colors as well.

Makeup can ruin your entire look, if you don’t choose the right colors. And the ultimate way to know the right colors in your makeup is to go in for color analysis. Just a single appointment shall offer you information you can use for years to come. Now, perfect makeup is a two-step process – smooth out your skin tone and highlight either your eyes or lips. Highlighting both will provide you with a fussy look, so it’s best to avoid that. Let’s start with your skin. The right base shade goes almost invisible on your skin layer – check it out on your jaw series.

Use concealer (tone lighter than the foundation’s) to pay spots, pimples, etc. Using both will erase your skin. Next thing is eyes – highlight yours with makeup tones resembling your own eye color. For instance, if you have dark brown eyes, try dark brown, or beige eyeliner to emphasize your eyes.

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For a daring look, try gray, navy, even violet to make your eyes pop. Now, let’s take this to the next level. From this point onwards, you’ll get a better knowledge of how color analysis can help you select the right makeup colors. For example, if you have brownish eye and beige pores and skin, it’s easier to avoid violet.

In this case, wear Chinese blue or Prussian blue instead. And today, let’s take it to the final level – if you have brownish eyes, beige skin and darkish hair, then navy is your best bet, not Chinese blue. So now do you realize how important color analysis is to choose the right makeup colors? Your makeup is perfect, only once you use the right colors to enhance your own natural colorings – eyes, hair, and skin. So choose the best makeup colors with color analysis.

The man who has perfected the artwork of smokey eyes looks and expertly contoured cheekbones has released his initial makeup product. And it is amazing. Weekend My husband and I did a bit of shopping downtown on my birthday. That of course included an instant stop off at Sephora. Moving in, I was looking to be good.

60 (CDN) to get it. I saw it Then. Watched it. Fell deeply in love with it. While I hmm-ed and have-and endlessly – it was as though there were an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other – my hubby made the final decision. I had been told by him to obtain it.

Not only was there a Kardashian connection, he reasoned, but these were all the eyeshadow shades I liked most. Before I enter my full overview of the palette, let’s have a closer look inside. As you can plainly see from the picture above, there’s a great tone range here.

The palette includes twelve shadows altogether (three matte and nine shimmer) that are warm, earthy, and easy to wear. There’s a great mixture of light tones, mid-tones, and deeper colors. That makes it easy to produce that Kardashian inspired smokey eyesight look! They are swatches from the palette (all without a primer).

From left to right these are: Hollywood, NYC, Kim, Muse, Marina, Claudia, Lula, Isabel, Violeta, 5th Ave, Bronx, and Paris. To dig into the full review Now. As you will often tell from my review up to now, I am a big fan of the shade selection. I really like metallic colors, warmer tones, and vivid neutrals.