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If you have someone you care about or relative who is a keen bowls player, we have hundreds of lawn bowls accessories for you to choose from that produce fantastic birthday, wedding anniversary, Day, or Christmas presents Father’s/Mother’s. We’ve compiled some present ideas for amateur and professional players, that are bound to bring a smile this year.

Our gift ideas for bowls players are suitable for all costs. Just continue reading to discover some of the presents we recommend. Lawn Bowls Accessories – Click here to see our full selection of fantastic presents for bowls players. Bowls World’s novelty gifts and stocking fillers are always fun to receive and are destined to spark up a conversation at the membership.

To personalize a loved one’s keys, we have attractive dark leather key fobs offering either a female or male yard bowls player. Fun and retro, these stylish fobs mean forget about lost keys! And as these great presents are well under £10 we think it’s a bargain. Other gifts include badges and tie pins that you can include to a Christmas stocking or cards, or wrap to hang on the tree.

A hardback makes a great present as it provides a useful research for years to come. ‘How to Become a Champion at Bowls’, by RT Harrison, is considered the most popular yard bowls publication with thousands of copies sold worldwide. The written reserve incorporates an introduction to the overall game, tactics, and techniques, mindset, and fitness – it’s a must have for any bowls player!

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If you are uncertain what to buy a bowls player, a present set proves invaluable as it offers all the useful items to have on the green. A great lawn bowls accessories, these useful items make colorful stocking fillers and are invaluable on the green. Utilize this very absorbent Emsmorn ‘Wet & Dry’ towel dry to clean and polish the bowls, or wet, for an excellent grip on the dish. They can be slipped into a handbag or pocket either or hung on the trouser loop. We’ve an excellent pick and choose of leather yard bowls accessories including leather scorecard holders, either pocket style or full size with a pen holder.

Another very helpful gift buy is the Pride leather belt pouch which slips more than a belt and can be used to store spray chalk and a measure. Always a great solution on the chilly day, a few handwarmers at Christmas make superb stocking fillers which will prove priceless to the recipient.

We sell three packages of two plus they can be thrown away after use. Buy a few, because they are always beneficial to store in a bowls handbag! A hip bag is another lawns bowls present that is useful to have on the green. Our OBG hip handbag has four compartments for keeping yard bowls accessories and useful items to hands – including gloves, a cellular phone, cash, tips, pens, score cards, measures, and chalk. It’s discreetly worn throughout the waist. Bowls World sells a huge selection of bowls, clothing, lawn, and shoes bowls accessories that produce ideal presents. Simply click on the hyperlink above to see what is available to buy. We dispatch all around the global world.

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