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Little Things Pretty

It is known that sunbathing can cause epidermis cancer. It is known that sunbathing makes your skin layer age faster. All this is well known so well, but you will find loads of gal and guys anyways, who love sunbathing and will go tanning to the solarium on a daily basis. I am not a specialist and these are not must-to-do tips, just I discuss my experience, based on my mistakes and some intensive research I did. I am not bought and sponsored cream myself. 1. Always choose well-known solarium studios, make a research.

Tanning is not so healthy for your skin layer, which means you want to make it at least not so damaging. And you never want to get yellowish tan, right? So – make research, pay a little more, but get quality! 2. When you go to the solarium first time, go for less time, i.e. 6 min. You can feel that this won’t offer you any effect, but, trust me, you never want to melt away your skin layer.

And not just any cream, but a special tanning cream. It is very important, cause it moistens your skin layer and really helps to get a good glow tan much faster. I recommend working with tanning lotions and creams with bronze, natural melanin, and color enhancers. It lowers timeframe, that you need to spend in solarium, so that it reduces chances to get bad effects also. It is important to buy good quality cream Also, yes, it shall cost a little bit more, but I remind you – you don’t want to get yellowy-orange and old looking, so take care on your skin layer!

I have used a variety of brand creams, primarily I liked Australian Swedish and Yellow metal Beauty. The one, that I am currently using and really liking is by Swedish Beauty BOTANICA line “Kiwi be friends”. They have progressed DHA Bronzer, natural color enhancers, and other nice stuff inside. 4. And here comes the next point: DON’T USE in solarium tanning lotions and creams with SPF in it. Since you shall prevent a tan.

So you will just waist money and get no result. Once again, use special creams for solarium. 5. Don’t go to solarium for more than 9-10 minutes. It offers no sense to do it. That is why you need to use special tanning creams with brokers to decrease the amount of time spent in the solarium.

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9-10 minutes is the ideal time and there is no need for more. Once a week Or at least not more than. 7. Give your skin a “holiday getaway” from the solarium. Make breaks in tanning for a month or two or even more. This can help your skin to recover. Of all First, perhaps you should try fraudulent tan – it offers immediate result and it is not so harmful for your skin layer.

But if you’ll still want to get a genuine tan, then here is my advice: Get a tanning cream with a browser. First-time go to the solarium for 6 minutes, then almost every other day for 9 minutes. 3-4 tanning consultations should enough be. But never go to the solarium every day and for an extended tanning session – you will only burn your skin, it’s very uncomfortable and bad.