Taken By Surprise 1

Taken By Surprise

Okay, With all the November Lust Has It beauty bag I had been pretty impressed. It had been a great mix of products and two of these in particular really knocked my makeup-lovin’ socks off. 3x the price of the membership! 10 off your first package using my code JESSICAANNE! If you’re looking for a great Christmas gift for the wonder lover in your life, Lust Has It is literally the gift that just keeps on giving. Want a peek into this month’s bag?

Makeup makes me confident and feel good! This post is enjoyed by me so much! I’m a big fan of the end result of makeup, but I don’t believe looking just like a different person with makeup is a good thing. I’m slowly learning that it is important to love my face without makeup before I even think about applying makeup.

Yeah I seldom feel like I look dramatically different haha – it’s a bit frustrating in photos actually! I’ve got people make all sort of presumptions because I like to wear make up – regularly! I love those minutes spent applying my makeup every morning! I’m also enjoying the bond with other women because of makeup, especially through blogging and Instagram. This is such a great read! I ever considered these aspects of makeup and beauty until now.

I never thought makeup to be anything therapeutic let alone something that links people. I seldom wear makeup because somehow I’ve believed that it’s solely for covering imperfections. As the entire years have progressed, I’ve seen it as a work and today I’m seeing another element of it through your lens.

Maybe I’ll start enjoying makeup when I start to see it differently now. I might never be considered a makeup guru (that I frankly don’t want to be) but I could at least enjoy it and now always feel just like a move queen every time I apply one! I love mixing and matching my makeup collection, organizing it, attempting different combinations, just looking at it generally haha!

This was this amazing post and reminded me of a few of my own moments. This is such a beautifully written post Jasmine, really enjoyed it. I’m a similar as you, I’m about the process of makeup, I’m not that great at application, I just enjoy it. I think for me it stems back to loving shops like Homebase and art shops when I was younger as I used to collect all the paint swatches.

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It’s just like me now and makeup. I love all the colors and the textures and agree with the fact how it attaches people so well definitely. I love this post. I am the same exactly! I really like applying makeup! Especially my eyeshadow, it’s so restorative! This is this important conversation here.

It’s tiring when people make unkind remarks about a pastime in beauty, as if it shows the person to be unintelligent or superficial. I’ve become immune to it now, but a few years ago I felt quite embarrassed to say I must say I enjoy skin care or the process of makeup. Now, my friends ask me about skin care and what products I’d suggest and just why.

I’m in awe of this online space where so many talk about similar interests and we can talk freely. Came from Sally’s post talking about blog posts that had caught her eye. Absolutely loved reading this, makeup and beauty are undoubtedly an enormous part of my life and bring back again so many recollections for me, I had fashioned far too many mishaps with wish matte mousse too that’s for certain!