How To Remove Rundll EXE Error

Press ‘Ctrl,’ ‘Alt’ and ‘Delete’ concurrently. Wait for Task Manager to appear. Select the ‘Processes’ tab near the top of the windows and find the rundll.exe process from the list that shows up. 2. Note the quantity of RAM used by the process. When there is a large amount of RAM being utilized unusually, you have a disease probably.

3. Open your antivirus program and choose scan ‘Computer’ or ‘C: .’ Expect the antivirus program to start scanning and click ‘Delete’ when it discovers the computer virus and finishes. Scan the computer once more just to be on the safe aspect. 4. Download a free Trojan program like AVG, Avast, or Avira, if you don’t have an antivirus program on your computer.

  • Launch the OS X Yosemite installer as if you were going to install as normal
  • Try to HotSync your device. It will fail
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  • Create video discs (DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray) playable in your DVD player
  • In the dialog that opens. Click copy
  • Insert the DVD into DVD drive and await an instant while your computer reads it

Choose to ‘Save’ this program when you are prompted to either run or save. Locate the program where you saved it and click to start the installation twice. Click ‘Finish’ when the program completes. 5. Insert a flash-memory space to stay in the USB slot of another computer, if you cannot gain access to the download or Internet the free antivirus on the contaminated computer.

Download and save the free antivirus to the display drive. Remove the display memory space put in and place it in the USB slot of the infected computer. Wait for the flash drive folder to automatically open and click the antivirus icon twice to install it. Wait for the installation to complete. 6. Open the installed antivirus program and click ‘Check recently.’ Pick the ‘C:’ drive or the ‘Computer’ as the region to scan. Eliminate any computer virus the scheduled program discovers.

Scan the computer again just to make sure all the infected documents are removed. 8. Locate this program you lately installed or uninstalled. Click ‘Uninstall’ and wait for this program utility to complete. 9. Reinstall this program using the CD or by downloading and clicking on the installation file again. Go to the website from which you downloaded this program and click ‘Download’ again.

Choose to ‘Save’ this program. Await the download to complete and click on the installation icon double to begin the installation again. Sometimes documents become corrupt in the download process so when these install they cause the rundll.exe error. By downloading it this program again or reinstalling the application form you eliminate that corrupt document. 10. Go to the ‘Start’ menu and choose ‘Run.’ Type ‘MSCONFIG’ to open the Windows Configuration window. 11. Choose ‘Selective Start-up’ and select the ‘Selective Start-up’ option.

12. Restart the computer. Find out if the mistake is fixed. The computer will fix the bundle. The error with just the main one program running. 13. Follow Steps 1 and 2 again, but check only the second option and restart the computer as you do in Step three 3. Continue in this way until the problem is set. 14. Return to the selective start-up menu and check all the programs after you have gone through them one by one. Use your personal computer as you normally do.