Art Of Living = Money, Sex, Scam, Fraud, Deceit 1

Art Of Living = Money, Sex, Scam, Fraud, Deceit

Rajshree Patel in US & her sibling Kamlesh Patel in Europe is just more of SriSri’s lackeys & in the same group as Bawa & Dinesh. In addition they take huge amounts of money from AOL. Just like SriSri, AOL is a very profitable business on their behalf. They deceive people & increase a lot of money from unsuspected business & organizations in the name of charity, they then have a sizeable portion for themselves & the rest goes to RS coffers. They AOL live off!

THEY AREN’T VOLUNTEER UNPAID WORKERS. They train unpaid volunteers employees for SriSri just. Teenagers & women are persuaded to forgo their lives, education & career & instead do slave labor for SriSri & the amount of money they raise would go to fund SriSri, his family & his lackeys lifestyle.

  • Selling house shoes and other fashionable footware
  • Amazing Typography
  • Anti-Spam Protection
  • ▼ 2003 (592) – ► December (62)
  • Business Economics Major
  • To Make That $$$

Look where SriSri’s nephews live & study & how much property they have obtained from the money all innocent volunteers send to AOL for so-called charitable projects! Sri Sri manages his lackeys & they promote him. Again they know each other’s dark secrets so they feel fairly safe with one another and as the saying will go have their hands in each other’s pocket. Kamlesh has been noticed to tell attractive women to use their “feminity” to buy an impact for SriSri.

I once needed to console a young woman who was simply deeply hurt & sensed insulted from such comment. Obviously Kamlesh thought other women wish to operate in the same manner as his sister. And have you seen Kamlesh when he gets irritated? Not a pretty sight! Seems runs in the family!

Knowledge points they only preach to others, no sign of them training it themselves. The only times I’ve seen them using knowledge factors were either to attack someone or justify themselves when these were caught with their pants down. Concerning practice Sadhna, again it is only when they instruct it to innocent people, otherwise those people who have lived with this business know Sadhna is not part of their daily routine.

Kamlesh even features about not needing Sadhna or adv programs! He even happily speaks, how he even didn’t complete basic course. SriSri. He brags about how exactly much he has fleeced Mittal family & other extra-rich Indian families in Europe. Rajshree & Kamlesh haven’t any integrity. They just have sold their spirit to SriSri & getting paid significant sums for his or her services.

All folks have a responsibility to expose SriSri & his lackeys. Many innocent people are deceived & hurt by them. And observe how the greater corrupt & deceitful lackeys will be the more they get promoted. That’s the reason Rajshree became TTC instructor & blessing course instructor, not because she actually is spiritually advanced!

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