You’re Putting Much On Your Face To Treat Acne Too 1

You’re Putting Much On Your Face To Treat Acne Too

Medical assistant here in a Derm office and we see people with acne all day long. I can’t ignore all the fake information I keep seeing in here any longer. It’s crazy how much pore clogging, oily stuff plenty of you are putting on your face. It’s only heading to make things worse! I’ve personally experienced from acne since age 12 and I am presently 27 and finally own it almost completely resolved because of help from my office. I used to believe the greater acids and more products I used the better and it’s not the case for almost all acne patients.

First off, acne is the consequence of clogged pores with entrapped bacteria that can easily spread to other areas of the face. Excessive oil creation contributes to the severe nature of acne. Some acne can become very inflamed and irritated. Because of all these plain things, what we placed on our face matters A LOT.

I have tried everything under the sun and from my experience and many numerous others inside our office, the next can significantly improve acne. It involves one prescription plus some inexpensive drugstore products. Let’s get back to the basic science and get the skin we have clear without an expansive routine. It’s the right time consuming, expensive, and is likely making your skin layer worse. Most comedonal acne is caused by not properly cleaning that person.

Your wash must be explicitly say “OIL FREE” and really should be done morning hours, and night as well as after working out which temporarily liquefied oil on your face and then seals in any dirt/makeup from your day. Absolutely no scrubs as this may tear the skin and spread bacteria. This is a prescription Vitamin A and it is the common form of Retin-A micro.

  • Collagen Stimulation for Healthy Younger Skin
  • Industrial chemical allergy symptoms – including flexible, silicone, or latex
  • Mineral Powder
  • Do not use on days a scrub, peel, or other form of exfoliate has been used
  • 1/2 Cup of organic extra virgin olive oil
  • Remove attention make-up every night time
  • March 4

You must only use a PEA size amount on the clean, dried out face at BEDTIME only. Night so my skin could change I started at first using it only every other. I’ve seen the best results with this lower percentage because the higher percentages made my acne angry and irritated. Sometimes higher (0.05 or 0.1%) is simply too aggressive for people. As a teenager, I was prescribed the CREAM form 0 often.05 or 0.1% and it was super greasy and peeled my epidermis raw, doing nothing for my acne.

If you’ve tried it before you need to try this formula specifically. You will be amazed. Must explicitly say “OIL FREE” and should be gentle with no acids or aggressive acne fighting ingredients. You are employing Tretinoin gel. That’s your warrior. Use morning and evening as needed. At night, let your Tretinoin sink in for about a quarter-hour before applying your moisturizer. Very important to maintaining the ongoing health of your skin and fading old acne marks/preventing new ones.

It is also a must since you are using Tretinoin, a known photosensitive product. I see so many articles about it however the true number 1 sunscreen hands down is ELTA MD Essential oil FREE. Pretty much every Derm office will carry it and you may just walk in and buy it. 34 but should last a few months. I utilize it every morning after my moisturizer and before my makeup.

It is the only sunscreen that does not clog more skin pores. It contains a significant amount of zinc and titanium no chemical sunscreens which have been shown to make acne worse. AND THAT’S IT. My entire skincare routine. Obviously I also use an eye and a neck of the guitar cream since I work in medical quality skin care but so far as my acne goes that’s it!

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