Why Learning Japanese Is Good For Your Career

More when compared to a quarter of Japanese human population are people 65 years and older, which translates to more than 30 million senior citizens. The part of Japan’s aging population shall continue to grow due to low delivery rate and high living expectancy. Japan is experiencing a significant shortage of labor. In Tokyo alone, there are twice as many job vacancies as applicants. The national country depends on foreign employees to supply young labor forces.

Currently, there are 1 approximately.3 million foreign employees in Japan, an 18% rise from last year. Most of the foreign workers result from China, Vietnam, and the Philippines, doing unskilled work in building and agriculture. Japan is also experiencing a shortage of skilled employees and has opened door to welcome foreign talents in specialized and technical jobs, such as information technology workers, academics, and healthcare professionals.

Only 20% of the international employees in Japan fall under this category. Japan intends to relax recruitment and immigration rules to attract more skilled foreign employees to work in Japan. How attractive salary wise is Japan compared to other countries? Employed in Japan does not mean working limited to Japanese companies as there are more than 3000 foreign companies working in Japan (75% of these companies are focused in Tokyo). If the business you are working at comes with an office in Japan or has a small business partner there, you could possibly sign up for your company’s secondment program to gain abroad work experience for a short-term placement.

Some people may even want to visit Japan to open up their own business. Since January 2016 The Tokyo federal government has launched a new support program to increase international business owners. Under this scheduled program, foreign entrepreneurs are granted a six-month permit to start their commerce and fulfill other requirements to have their visa renewed.

This calendar year, Tokyo Star Bank launched its Foreign Entrepreneurs Business Plan Competition 2018 which provides a prize of 10 million yen for the champion. The 2018 Best Countries rates Japan the 5th in best countries overall. Language, however, is a major hurdle for foreign workers. Despite English being a compulsory research in Japanese high institutions, many Japanese people struggle to speak English.

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For skilled workers who are interested to work in Japan, you need to learn Japanese and reach a certain degree of Japanese language proficiency in order to be in a position to do your job effectively. Most people find they need to complete JLPT or Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 2 rating at least 60% to be able to communicate effectively at the job and in cultural settings. Fortunately, Japanese is relatively easy to learn. With a couple of years of commitment to study the language, non-Japanese audio speakers can get good at interact and Japanese with locals with no difficulty.

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