At SKT Themes we handpick our professional WordPress themes and create it as per client needs and current market trends. So whether it is responsive or whether it is Google fonts or theme options to help make the site easy to use, our designs have every one of the features. Hence in SKT WP Themes we tend to remove this hurdle and will upload and setup any theme you get FREE OF COST in your server/hosting accounts you select. All you need to do is to send us cpanel/hosting details while purchasing and we care for the rest. Alternatively if you are a designer and do not wish to discuss the details around.

Its fine, you anyways get the XML test data as well as the mysql dump along with the files of the WordPress theme. Well we made these exact things easier by adding Theme options in every of our professional WordPress styles. So with each SKT WP Theme you get to easilychange the colors, typography, header /footer elements like logo, and contact info as well. These easy and customizable options make you think as a theme rockstar and gets your job done as well as you don’t have to clarify to much to your client or have to dig much for yourself.

With every professional WordPress theme you at least get 1 skin to change the pattern as well as background, colors, and look and feel of your theme. This serves as an added benefit. So, in case you don’t want to waste a lot of time adjusting and setting up color techniques for your theme just grab the theme and check the colors available and see for yourself in the demonstration.

Select the theme that fits you the best. And you go here. All you will have to do is enter this content and launch your website. Widgets form a very important part of WordPress CMS. Is it a simple text in the middle of a page, which occupies an odd area or whether it is anything in sidebar or simply below a slider area.

Widgets always come in useful. Also for affiliate themes and for WP styles that are Ads Ready, widgets play a quintessential part. Whether it is PHP widgets or content widgets just about everyone has of them set up inside our WP designs. In today’s world mobiles and tablets have become an integral part of our day to day life a lot that we now have many people who do shopping, internet surfing around, checking emails or chatting with friends on Facebook off their mobile phones. So it is a point to be observed that they may visit your website as well utilizing their smart cell phones or tablets. So you don’t want to reduce them because your website isn’t response.

Not any longer. Our each and every premium theme are Responsive so that Tablets, mobiles, and of course Desktop users can browse through your website. Just as widgets are essential to place content anywhere on the webpage shortcodes are an important part of any professional WordPress theme. Our each theme includes a group of preset shortcodes which will make your life quite easier in the process of creating a website.

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That time Documentation performs an important part. Every right time going to the community support forum, writing a question and waiting for a remedy is also not the perfect solution is patiently. Hence we’ve well documented manuals cost free with each theme available so you don’t have to wait for an answer for every and everything once you purchase a theme. If you buy a single theme, or 2 WP designs, or all of the professional WordPress styles together you’ll get an automatic username and password with your purchase for even more support.

You will also get our email address for even more contact if you’re comfortable with email messages. In certain instances, if you wish to consult with a support consultant or chat with a support for quick quality we will send you our Skype id as well. For higher support we even provide telephonic support. Well, it might not sound fascinating for end people or users who purchase theme for personal use.

But for programmers PSD files mean a lot. To cut out a new button or to copy the color code or to design a fresh web page not within the theme they always need the PSD data files. These files come in handy at that right time. For sales related questions you can click on the contact tab in contact and navigation us. Consider website as a robust marketing tool that can help you achieve the impossible by connecting your business to unlimited horizons throughout the world you never could have imagined.

Since online medium doesn’t know any limitations it is simpler to have your business located someplace else but still cater to the entire world. Since there are extensive businesses and their websites in the same domains, it’s important that your website sticks out from all of those other crowd and present you a headstart over others.