Infineon Confirms Reduced Guidance, Says Cypress Deal On Track 1

Infineon Confirms Reduced Guidance, Says Cypress Deal On Track

FRANKFURT, Aug 1 (Reuters) – German chipmaker Infineon expects to meet its lowered guidance for the entire year to Sept. 30, it said on Thursday after publishing third-quarter sales and revenue in line with market anticipations. 1.7 billion privileges issues. Debt funding to cover the others of the expense of the deal is in place and has been syndicated. Ultimately, Infineon plans to pay 30% of the deal’s cost through collateral capital.

Ploss is seeking to capitalize with this year’s cyclical weakness in semiconductor demand – centered in China and the car industry – to mass up Infineon into the world’s No.8 chip maker by sales. Infineon’s strength in areas such as managing drivetrains would be complemented by Cypress’s prowess in on-board systems, enabling the merged company to provide more complete deals for electric vehicles. Revenue of 2.015 billion euros was 2% up on the prior quarter, Infineon said, interacting with market expectations regarding Refinitiv Eikon data. Operating income of 283 million euros was down from the last period, but also in line.

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