Shop My Stash Update + Weekly Makeup Bag 1

Shop My Stash Update + Weekly Makeup Bag

This is a small 4 blush palette which is the best blush palette you’ll find. Lol I love this, these are the best blushes and I’ve been neglecting this palette. I love this just. I’d be okay with this. Hope this doesn’t get discontinued. Another great blush palette. That one is the Bling It On Blush Palette that they arrived with through the holidays and I like it. I believe they would work well on different skintones.

I love this palette. You can get a wide variety of looks out of this one palette that it kind of amazes me just. Its one of my favorite palettes, its so pretty. And now I believe I’ve used virtually all of the colors in it and I really like all of them. All the looks I’ve produced with this are so different therefore quite too that it’s definitely a winner.

Anastasia palettes in the foreseeable future because it’s just really different and great quality. This is in my own top 3 favorite highlighters for certain. I still love the Anastasia one. Lol. Both great. That is great, so pleased to use it more. I like this one best. I think Rich Ruby was the only person I didn’t reach the cause I am wearing a great deal of deeper lip area this week.

  • Price & Packaging
  • Is it okay to punish kids
  • Healthy diet and plenty of normal water to remain hydrated from the within out
  • Paraben free formulas available
  • Cherry laurel
  • Keep the cord area clean with drinking water. Do not use alcohol wipes

Oh and Hot Commodity because Idk easily can use that time of year. Very comfortable as well. I like the way these apply and yeah really. Idk if I’m getting any more anytime soon cause I’ve a lot. Too Faced-Rock and Roll Pallet- That is a good little palette.

I’m really happy I have this in my own collection. There was only really one look I did with this that just didn’t work out. I liked it a great deal for this. I’ll put them in here too. Lorac Unzipped Palette- This is one of the best palettes! I love the rose platinum color selection. The looks are adored by me I made up of this. Too Faced Matte Eyes Palette- That is also great!

If there’s one palette I could really recommend to the people, it might be that one. Brian from this line is fantastic. These are nicely pigmented, they don’t really feel too sticky on the lip area, they smell nice plus they have a lot of different colors. They aren’t messy and they don’t feather either.

Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer- That is alright. I still really like this browser. You can’t beat Too Faced. I recall what I experienced in it sorta kinda. I’ll focus on what I wore today. The Benefit That Gal Primer, cause I really like this. I want to utilize it more. The Erase Paste concealer and the Maybelline Superstar. Elf HD Powder, Maybelline Setting Spray.