Over 30 Years Of Makeup Experience 1

Over 30 Years Of Makeup Experience

Call today to schedule your makeup trial run! Hope Carlton is a makeup artist based out of Grand Junction and the Western Slope of Colorado. With over 33 years of experience, both as a model and behind the camera, Wish is experienced in all aspects of the industry extremely. Hope spent some time working worldwide in production for film, television, print, and the fashion world.

Hope uses products from many well-known makeup manufacturers and is an Airbrush instructor for Dinair Airbrush Makeup as well as intensive training with MAC makeup and the Jane Iredale Mineral makeup line. Hope is versed in all respects of makeup, including glamour, bridal, production, outfit, and corrective makeup.

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She is thoroughly trained in airbrush makeup program and is an instructor. Hope is designed for guest speaking services and training seminars. With her comprehensive skills she’s the ability to take her universal knowledge and years of experience and apply it to your personal needs, whether for your wedding, portfolio, or production crew. She has the capability to create looks for most occasions and her designs will complement your facial form and personal characteristics, letting you look your absolute best!

Whenever you call me, I’ll be there! Hope is available by the full hour, by the event, or by the day to meet your wedding, photo shoot, production or glamour needs. She thoroughly enjoys one on one makeup tutorials to help you get the look you want, specifically designed for your lifestyle. Hope is also available for travel both in America and worldwide.

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