Fitness Trackers Are BEST FOR Your Health, But That 10,000-step Goal Is Overblown 1

Fitness Trackers Are BEST FOR Your Health, But That 10,000-step Goal Is Overblown

He’s a fitness physiologist and sports nutritionist who have regularly appeared on “Good Morning America” as a fitness coach. He also has worked as a personal trainer with thousands of clients – many of whom use step trackers. He’s an enormous enthusiast of fitness trackers because they get people moving.

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  • First step is to determine his LBM -> 210lbs – (210lbs*.20) = 168lbs LBM
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This range from your basic qualification, your Continuing Education Credits, and any applicable university or trade school classes you take during your career. Niche. Having a distinct segment market is probably the most effective way to stand out from the audience! If you’re a trainer who “trains everyone”, how can you possibly be very good at training a particular group of people?