How To Add Local Users And Groups In Windows 7

The first step in handling local users and groups in Windows 7 is making a user group. Open the Microsoft Management Console. Click Start and type etc into the Search container. Press Enter or select mmc.exe from the producing list under Programs. Click Yes or get into your security administrator password if prompted by the UAC. Select Local Groupings and Users in the still left pane of the Microsoft Management System windowpane.

If Local Users and Groups is not outlined, ensure that you are employing Home windows 7 Ultimate or Professional model. If you are however the option is missing, go to the File menu of the Console window and select Add/Remove Snap-in. Select Local Users and Groups and click Add. Select Local Computer and click Finish.

Click OK to close the dialog. Once you have added and selected Local Users and Groups, double-click the combined group’s folder in the primary window. Select Action and click New Group. Enter a true name and a description for the group and click Add. Enter the name of the user account, click the Check Names button and click OK. You have created a user group Once, you can start adding user accounts to the combined group. Adding user accounts to an organization allows you to instantly grant the same rights and permissions to all of the users at one time. User accounts in a user group all have similar usage of network services such as printers and folders.

Open the Microsoft Management Console as described in the last section. Select Local Users and Groups in the left pane of the Console windowpane. Double-click the combined group’s folder in the main area of the window. Right-click an individual group name to that you want to include user accounts. Select Increase Group from the contextual menu.

Click on the Add button and type the true name of the first consumer accounts you want to add. Click the Check Names button. Click OK to add the user account. Click Okay to close the dialog again. Select Add to Group from the contextual menu. Click on the Add button and type the name of the first consumer accounts you want to include. Click on the Check Names button. Click OK to add the user account.

Click OK again to close the dialog. You can include user accounts to more than one user group. Administrator and Standard groups are the most typical group types, nevertheless, you can create custom groups as well, choosing which privileges you want to offer to users in that combined group. You may desire to avoid adding many users to the group too. In fact, adding only those who require this type of access is highly recommended absolutely. User accounts put into this group will have access to all files on the network, can transform passwords for other users, and could install any software without additional permission.

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