Cruelty-Free Beauty FOR ALL THOSE 1

Cruelty-Free Beauty FOR ALL THOSE

Hopefully you each are in a spooktacular feeling, because I am very happy to enable you to get this review on the most Halloween-centric makeup products brand I’ve experienced the pleasure of discovering. LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs is experienced in vegan, cruelty-free, and talc-free makeup products from basic nudes to black light reactive needs. They pride themselves on offering special effects makeup as well as makeup for your everyday wear.

I was delighted by their packaging (if you couldn’t inform right now, I’m a sucker for unique makeup products and clever packaging) and color combos. Look at that palette Just! It’s a beauty. This is the Oracle palette. The colors, from remaining to right: Intuition, Spirit, Premonition, HooDoo, Summon. Intuition and Spirit are metallic coatings – no glitter, but lots of sheen. Premonition is a superb highlighter or blending shade and, although some sheen is acquired because of it to it, could very well be best referred to as semi-matte. Hoodoo and Summon are chock filled with iridescent, super-fine milled glitter for the sparkle lover in all of us.

  1. No dyes
  2. 1 Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid
  3. It really helps to prevent breakouts
  4. Mascara topper (1 shade)
  5. Practice. Practice. And then practice some more

I have watched these colors over LunatiCK Lab’s primer, which is genuine white and tacky to touch somewhat. It could be used as a pure white base plus primer, or spread on more sparingly to be by itself a primer. Colors, from left to right: Summon, HooDoo, Premonition, Spirit, Intuition.

9). They may be buttery lip creams that fall somewhere between a lipstick and a lip gloss with a mainly matte finish. They smell like watermelon Bubble Yum also! These vision shadows are simple and intensely pigmented extremely. LunatiCK Labs has taken every one of the brilliant pigment power of a loose shadow and pressed it into convenient palette form. Every individual eye shadow cake includes a presser – just a little plastic piece that you can use to press the shadows down with if they eventually become too loose/powdery.

I have yet to have any major fallout from these pressed shadows, but who knows. I have saved the best for last: LunatiCK Labs offers CUSTOMIZED palettes! That is right, you can choose from their many attention shadow colors to make a palette with whatever tones you desire! 35) but, to my understanding, the custom palettes do not come with the pressers.

Because all their makeup products are cruelty-free AND vegan, you don’t need to scope out every color to find vegan options. This brand is absolutely ideal for those who don’t compromise: cruelty-free, vegan, no fillers like talc. LunatiCK Labs does not seem to run as many sales as do other indie makeup companies.

While prices are acceptable and competitive, you may choose to fill up while there’s an applicable discount. There does not seem to be any fragrance in the optical eye shadows, but there is certainly in the ApocalipSLICKS. It really is a very recognizable scent; without unpleasant if you ask me, personally, people that have allergy symptoms may be annoyed by it. Overall, I am very impressed with the lunatick Cosmetic Lab’s products and look forward to purchasing more.