HHSE Investor Relations 1

HHSE Investor Relations

The BIG NEWS is that we have completed the Form 10 write-ups, including the obligation to address all legal disputes (and to give a management’s evaluation of the merits – or absence thereof – for each legal matter). Over the next fourteen days, as our lawyers file these reactions, we are in a position to eliminate this pressing concern as an impediment to the corporate processing. Details on these legal issues are disclosed at the bottom of the blog update.

The NEXT “sort of big information” is that our June 30, this week 2019 OTC Market Survey will be submitted. The NEXT “long-expected news” is that HHSE President D. Frederick Shefte has made a retirement decision and you will be departing the business in the not-too-distant future. As our shareholders know, Fred has been battling some health challenges since the summer and fall of 2018 (when he was hospitalized for a complete of almost 90 days). His health has been relatively touch-and-go since December, and he has been re-hospitalized several times since.

Fred has been hugely helpful these past 12 years at Hannover House – and has agreed to help with the finalization of the proper execution 10 Registration and the ongoing release of MyFlix before officially exiting from HHSE. Accordingly, over the past 90 days, HHSE C.E.O. Eric Parkinson has been providing loans to the business to hide lease, overhead, legal fees, and accounting costs (which will be defined in further detail in the June 30-OTC processing as well as the Form 10 Registration Disclosures).

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  • Facilitate refinement and story review sessions
  • 100% Deductible Non-Reimbursed Employee Expense
  • Synchronize data-driven projections, valuations, and analysis
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  • Run auctions at fairs and charity events
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Parkinson anticipates continuing funding from his current and future loans through the registration process and until HHSE begins generating cash moves from the new productions and MyFlix. Stuff we WISH we could be talking about? HHSE plans to complement with several European territory prepares and a significant studio distribution pact for North America.

But the confidentiality / NDAs on these agreements limit our ability to elaborate at this time. We are going after a similar financing structure for THE LEGEND OF BELLE STARR. However, our family-adventure of MOTHER GOOSE does not fit into the recommended and specific structure for this new financing mechanism. We shall need to discover a different technique for financing MOTHER GOOSE. The MyFlix on-boarding process has been slower than hoped – and we completely understand why DISNEY and other upcoming sites are having the same slower-than-hoped-for launch cycles. But again, we buy into the industry prognosticators who say that MyFlix may be the tail-that-wagged-the-dog in conditions of mega-income and upside for HHSE.

That’s why we keep plugging away at the build-up, on-boarding and marketing business for this streaming business. A PILGRIM’S PROGRESS – the cartoon feature that HHSE made a USA home video deal for at the Berlin Market – eventually fell apart. Christian outlets from Vision Video. HHSE with significant theatrical P&A financing for the film (and a home video deal with a major studio). So, regrettably, we were pressured to get away from that opportunity. DVD / BluRay market for lower-tier game titles.