Samsung Health To Remove Compatibility With Third-party Apps And More 1

Samsung Health To Remove Compatibility With Third-party Apps And More

Samsung will release a revise because of its Health app on September 1st, that may see linked services, UV monitoring, humidity, and heat-range monitoring vanish. The free application developed by the South Korean tech giant serves to track your activity, nutrition and sleep, and provides insights based on your progress. From September 1st, various its features shall vanish. The most important of the lot is linked services arguably.

This is Samsung’s name for integration with alternative party apps. At the moment, Samsung Health plays nice with other health and sports-related apps such as Fitbit, Google Fit, Garmin Connect and more. In a few days time, this integration will come to an end. Samsung shall only keep compatibility with Strava. There will also be no more UV, moisture, and temperature tracking within the app. Your historical data will go away, although users shall have the choice of burning this data in Samsung Health. It is not entirely clear why Samsung has decided to retire these features. The loss of alternative party integration and compatibility with wearables from other brands will come as a disappointment to many. Sign up to our monthly newsletter and never miss out!

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