Orangetheory Fitness Launches Transformation Challenge 2019 1

Orangetheory Fitness Launches Transformation Challenge 2019

You don’t need to invest in an account to participate in the 2019 Transformation Challenge, an application available at all OTF studios in NoVA. Orangetheory Fitness (OTF), the fitness studio that’s gained a cult-like following by its members, has locations over the nation, with 24 in the NoVA region, including Fairfax, Arlington, and Alexandria. Usually exclusive to members, OTF is opening its Transformation Challenge to nonmembers for the very first time this year.

Set over another eight weeks, from Jan. 21-March 17, the Transformation Challenge is a weight-loss competition, being held in any way studios. OTF classes are 60-minute, full-body exercises split between the amount of time in the weight room, on the rowing machine and on the fitness treadmill. The fitness center brand is known for its heart-rate-based intensive training, with the goal of achieving “the orange area,” the heart-rate zone OTF promises shall burn off the most calories from fat during and after class. After registering, participants will have an initial weigh-in and take “before” photos. After four weeks, there will be midpoint weigh-ins, then last weigh-ins and “now” photos taken after the problem officially ends.

Timelines of when photos will be taken so when weigh-ins will be held vary based on individual studio schedules. You will see one male champion and one female champion at each studio room. Winners of the challenge will be chosen at each studio based on how much weight they have lost, calculated by body weight percentage, not total pounds. 25 registration fees, both for nonmembers, and associates, plus applicable class involvement fees for nonmembers (prices vary per studio).

  • Ice and Water
  • Regular responses on progress improves final results
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  • 1/4 glass Spelt Flour
  • Nuts, Nuts, and More Nuts
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  • New TVs on the fitness floor

Those taking part in the challenge must take a least three class sessions per week, each week, for the full eight weeks (a complete of at least 24 workouts). It is not allowed to take several classes each day during the Transformation Challenge, and workout routines must be studied at the studio room location that participants paid their entrance fee. Want more health content? Sign up to our weekly publication.

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