Woman 'who Doesn't Like Having Breakfast' Has 7,750 Gallstones Removed 1

Woman ‘who Doesn’t Like Having Breakfast’ Has 7,750 Gallstones Removed

Surgeons have removed 7,750 rocks from a woman’s gallbladder within an operation, according to a Chinese hospital. Medics stated that the stones were probably caused by the fact that the 54-year-old patient didn’t like drinking water or having breakfast. It is stated that some of the rocks were as large as quail eggs and most of them were about how big is mung coffee beans.

Share The three-hour procedure recently occurred at the Wuhan Jingdu Stone Hospital in Wuhan, the capital of central China’s Hubei Province. The woman, known as Ms He, said she had been found to have ‘several’ gallstones seven years back, but cannot undergo surgery due to high blood pressure.

She recently visited the hospital after experiencing ‘unbearable’ pain in her belly. She said she was stunned to learn that the number of her gallstones acquired increased rapidly to thousands. I didn’t know I will experience so many rocks,’ the girl told a reporter from Hubei TV Station. The 54-year-old woman (pictured) said she rarely drank water or eat breakfast. Shen Zhangyi, the director of the hospital who conducted the surgery, said he had never seen so many stones in one patient.

He said the rocks could have led to life-threatening problems in MS He. The surgeon explained that if the smaller stones had gone into Ms He’s bile duct, she might develop serious conditions such as jaundice and severe pancreatitis. Gallstones, formed in the gallbladder, are tiny crystals made of cholesterol usually. According to NHS, folks who are overweight and over 40 years old, females especially, will have problems with gallstones.

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Dieting and weight-loss surgery could also lead to the condition. Ms He confessed that she rarely drank water or eat breakfast time, and doctor Shen believed those habits were the reason for her condition. However, experts in the UK claimed that it might be ‘100 % pure speculation’ to implicate particular diet habit as the reason for gallstones. In an earlier interview, Dr. George Webster from the British Society of Gastroenterology told MailOnline that stones in the gallbladder are a universal problem worldwide, however the cause is unclear and may be associated with weight problems often.

It is more common to find patients who have stones in the liver in China and East Asia than in the West, and this is most likely because of the increased rates of an infection in the bile ducts, added Dr Webster. In 2015, a doctor was astonished to eliminate an astounding 11,950 gallstones from inside an Indian girl – thought to be a new world record.

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