Find the Best Egypt Tours 1

Find the Best Egypt Tours

Egypt is one the most visited tourist destinations. Egypt’s ancient history, pyramids and temples have attracted tourists for centuries. You can find an Egypt tour that suits your needs, whether you are looking for a private tour or a tour with a group. When you have virtually any questions concerning where by and how you can use Egypt tours, you’ll be able to contact us in our Visit Web Page-page.

Find the Best Egypt Tours 2

Egypt can be difficult to navigate. Unless you’re willing to arrange your trip in advance, it’s best to book a guided tour. A local guide can ensure your safety and maximize the enjoyment of your trip.

OAT is a popular tour company. Since years, OAT has been leading Egypt trips. They tend to hire good guides and have a strong presence in the country. Some of their trips will take you to comfortable hotels. Some trips will have you staying in comfortable hotels, while others may require you to stay in hostels, tents, or other accommodations. There might be no meals included depending on the tour.

Another famous tour company is Globus. These tours are organized in large groups and focus on the main sights of Egypt. Many of these trips allow for early rise times and include optional tours. For those who prefer a more leisurely cruise down the Nile, the company has a cruise boat.

For those looking for more adventure, there’s Intrepid Travel. This company attracts a younger crowd and offers more adventurous travel options. Although they are more costly than other tours, they offer a true Egyptian experience. You will also be provided with a visa and a guide.

Tauck is another tour company that offers luxury vacations. You can also book Nile cruises or tours that take visitors to Abu Simbel. Aswan is the land where there is gold. A camelback ride with traditional Egyptian lunch is one of the options, as well as a charter flight to Abu Simbel. You can also stay in luxury hotels during some of the trips. There are also daily felucca rides along the Nile.

Friendly Planet is an affordable option for Egypt tours. Friendly Planet is based in Cairo and has the same tour director on all their trips. Each tour is also conducted by the same guide. The most basic tour will include a visa as well as an English-speaking tour leader.

Lastly, there are cruise ships like Viking. These ships are similar in design to Viking riverships, but they have elevators. Cruises on Egypt’s River Nile provide views of ancient Egypt monuments. A tour of the Dendera temple will be included, as well as quiet moments while sailing along the Nile.

An Egypt tour can be a great option for spending a few days. There are many sights to be seen in Egypt, such as the Red Sea pyramids or the Nubian village. With a tour company, planning your trip is easy. You can avoid long lines and frustrations on tours by booking in advance. When you have any sort of concerns relating to where and how you can utilize Egypt tours, you can contact us at our own Visit Web Page.