Procreate: Revolutionizing Graphic Design 1

Procreate: Revolutionizing Graphic Design

The Rise of Procreate and its Advantages

Procreate has become a popular digital painting and illustration application among artists and designers over the past several years. One leading cause of its popularity is its ability to be used with digital touchscreens and styluses, such as the Apple Pencil. This feature has transformed the design world, allowing designers to create detailed pieces of work by hand on a digital canvas. Furthermore, the ability to export PSD files to editing software programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop has provided designers and artists with a way to continue their work in a more refined and professional manner. We’re always looking to add value to your learning experience. For this reason, we suggest exploring Read this helpful research external site containing more details on the topic. procreate app tutorial, explore and learn more!

Another great feature of Procreate is its affordability. Almost every other industry-standard design software is a subscription-based service. In contrast, Procreate has a one-time purchase price that is significantly lower than the cumulative cost of other software subscriptions. Thus, it has become a go-to choice for those working on a budget.

Procreate: Revolutionizing Graphic Design 2

The Future of Procreate in Design

Procreate has already revolutionized the design industry, and it continues to gain traction, which indicates a promising future. The development team behind Procreate is continuously adding newer features to the app, such as the most recent “Animation Assist” feature that allows animators to preview and adjust frames before exporting them. The “Time-lapse” feature of Procreate records your artwork from start to finish, allowing you to create and save time-lapse footage that you can share or post on social media platforms.

Procreate’s possibilities extend beyond budding artists and illustrators; graphic designers using Procreate earn the same level of professional design polish they would using other software while experiencing a more personalized and intuitive workflow. Procreate’s minimal and straightforward interface offers an enjoyable experience but is not short on content—more than 130 brushes, blend modes, and adjustment layers that make design projects more manageable and cohesive. Procreate also provides designers with tools for print-ready CMYK color specification, which is critical in preparing designs for print applications.

Procreate and Remote Work

Remote work has become increasingly prevalent, and Procreate has played a vital role in enabling and facilitating remote work for designers and artists. The pandemic-induced lockdown revealed the importance of technological progress and adapting to remote operations. In this context, Procreate has become a versatile tool that enables the sharing of design files, tutorials, feedback generation, and even conducting digital art classes remotely. Procreate’s cloud-based system enables designers to save their work to their iPads and access it from any device or location. The easy sharing feature has enabled remote teams to share individual files easily, which accelerates the design process. Explore Read this helpful research external source we’ve arranged for you and discover additional details on the subject discussed. Broaden your understanding and investigate fresh viewpoints, procreate classes!


Procreate has truly revolutionized and transformed the graphic design industry. It has provided designers and artists with a more innovative and intuitive workflow, coupled with an affordable price point. Its applicability is extensive, as it serves all kinds of artists and designers, from beginners to professionals. Remote-work-friendly features like cloud storage, easy sharing, and animation assist, coupled with a reliable toolset, make Procreate a highly trusted graphic design environment that we think isn’t going to change anytime soon.