The CURRENCY MARKETS Blog: June 2019 1

The CURRENCY MARKETS Blog: June 2019

The Only Three Questions That Count: Investing by Knowing What Others Don’t be compiled by Kenneth L. Fisher, the fifth-longest operating Forbes columnist in their history, and the CEO of Fisher Investments. I fulfilled Ken Fisher a long time ago when he provided a conversation to the Mensa Investment Special Interest Group in San Francisco.

The Only Three Questions book a superb manual, with very, very comprehensive helping data and historical examples showing his theses. The subtitle says it all: ‘Investing by Knowing What Others Don’t’. I’m not going to let you know the actual Three Questions are that are referenced in the name, since I don’t want to mess up it for you.

However, I will inform you of one of the most interesting sections where he debunks a few of the popular investment beliefs. Did you know that high P/E markets are forgetting about riskier than low P/E stock market? Fisher switches into massive fine detail to verify that low P/E marketplaces are in the same way dangerous if not riskier than high P/E marketplaces. He also talks about the misconception that America has way too much debt and demonstrates that debt is good for the economy.

Chapter 6 is a crucial to read even though you skim the rest of the 448-page publication. I really like the way that he intersperses laughter throughout the reserve. Browse the definition of ‘politics’ on page 37. He takes a completely different method of trading than Jim Cramer. Fisher believes that your portfolio should have 20 stocks in your portfolio at a smaller amount, or a minimum of 60 stocks if you include foreign stocks in your portfolio.

That should be your motivation. If you want to make money just, there are probably easier ways. But if you want to turn your passions and hobbies into a potential income stream, YouTube is a great option then. You’re already going to spend time participating in your hobbies. You will want to film yourself having a great time simply?

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