21.0% Gain For The S&P 500 1

21.0% Gain For The S&P 500

The reason was simple: in 1999, technology stocks dominated market comes back. One of Buffett’s investment disciplines is that he’ll not invest in companies that he will not readily understand, which explains why he previously mainly prevented technology. Even Inspector Clouseau may find last year’s guilty party: your Chairman. My performance reminds me of the quarterback whose statement card showed four Fs and a D but who nonetheless got an understanding coach.

Buffett could joke about the topic since he understood, as all traders do, that there will be intervals whenever a particular investment style will fallout of favour with overall market sentiment. However, over longer intervals, a thoughtful and consistent approach to investing will always yield satisfactory results nearly, as Buffett’s record obviously signifies. This morning’s Financial Times carried an extended article discussing the poor relative performance of many prominent investors this year.

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David Shukis of Cambridge Associates, a US investment consultancy. Cambridge calculates that, of the investors it tracks who feature in the very best quarter by performance over the past decade, about half have spent at least three years in the fourth quartile. Please re-read the last word of the excerpt from the FT. Cambridge is saying that among the better investors it monitors – the ones rated close to the top for the last 10 years – spent at least 30% of the last 10 years in underneath rates of investment supervisor rankings. This illustrates if you ask me the fallacy of choosing managers on the basis of previous performance totally. And yet in nearly every manager search that I have been involved in, past performance plays an essential role in the hiring and firing decision.

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